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We build next-generation drones
to solve hard and costly
monitoring problems through
tremendous autonomy.

Our Solution

PufferWing: an inflatable fixed-wing drone

High Autonomy

With its inflatable body, fixed-wing design and solar panels, the PufferWing is capable of flying autonomously up to 14 days without landing.

Easy Setup

The foldable structure of the PufferWing allows for a solution that's as easy to deploy as it is to transport.

Operational Safety

Filled with inert gas and weighing less than 3 kg, the PufferWing is safe to operate even around humans and crowds.

Customizable Payload

The PufferWing's payload can be easily swapped to accomodate a wide array of missions. Contact us to learn more about the sensor arrays that are available.

Our Applications

Long-Range Surveillance

Low autonomy of current drones has prevented them from being used for long-range surveillance and monitoring applications. Instead, companies & governments turn to helicopters, airplanes, satellites or even human surveillance to tackle complex challenges like monitoring coastline or pipelines. These solutions are costly, inefficient and often untimely.
With its oustanding autonomy and low-speed, PufferWing is well-fitted for the job. Deployed in fleet, PufferWings can cover thousands of kilometers with several refreshes per day, at a fraction of the cost.

6000 km
EU Coastline to Cover
280M €
EU's Frontex Budget
341 000 km
US Pipeline Mileage
US Pipeline
Monitoring Budget

Our Partners

We rely on our partners to guide our development

AtomicPop receives the ArianeGroup prize to reward their hard work during the Paris edition of Act In Space

Author image
ArianeGroup May 26th, 2018

AtomicPop is amongst the 8 finalists of Act In Space Paris
See the picture

Author image
Act In Space Paris May 25th / 26th, 2018

About Us

We are AtomicPop


Justine Guillermou

Justine Guillermou is a propulsion and space systems engineer. She has experience from both industry leaders like ArianeGroup and New Space startups with ThrustMe. Justine holds Master's degrees from ENSTA Bretagne, ISAE ENSMA and an advanced master degree from ISAE Supaéro.


Cécile Delannée

Cécile Delannée is an astrophysician with experience working in France, Belgium and the US. She held various positions teaching physics in universities, at Ecole Polytechnique, and working as an engineer. She is always seeking new challenges. Cécile holds a PhD from Université Pierre et Marie Curie.


Charles Mainguet

Charles Mainguet is a fan of aerospace and aeronautics. He designed an RC plane with Kilian and is creating an incubator at his university. He also organized and presented TEDxUTTroyes. Charles is a mechanical engineering undergraduate student at University of Technology of Troyes and will be studying aerospace engineering in the US during the fall 2018 semester.


Paul Mustière

Paul Mustière is a machine learning and control theory engineer. He has conducted self-driving car research at UC Berkeley and now works at Palantir. Paul holds Master's degrees from MINES ParisTech and Université Pierre et Marie Curie.


Kilian Le Fouillé

Kilian Le Fouillé basically loves anything that involves an engine, a wing or a propeller. He has already designed and built an RC plane with Charles and worked at Safran Aircraft Engines. Kilian is a mechanical engineering undergraduate student at University of Technology of Troyes.

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